Revitalise the spirit in St Ouen’s Bay

THIS is a fantastic walk that can begin from a variety of locations, but my preferred route is from Kempt Tower car park.

You begin from the bunker in the car park and head over to Cutty Sark. From there cross the Five Mile Road and follow a semi- defined footpath that can either skirt next to St Ouen’s Pond or head straight across the field towards the National Trust for Jersey’s orchid field.

When close to the field, cross Chemin de l’Ouzière into Les Mielles de Morville. Follow the footpath diagonally across until eventually getting to the Chemin du Moulin. From there follow the footpath sign up towards the headland overlooking the bay. Here the path is well marked with posts.

Once at the bottom of the headland the footpath takes you up a picturesque valley with dry-stone walls and beautiful woodland. This path ends at a farm at the top. Head left around the fields to join the next footpath. This one will take you down another beautiful valley across a bridge over a stream. Head up the other side to join Chemin des Monts.

Take a left and head towards Grantez dolmen, which you will see in a field on your left. This is well worth a visit and a great place for a picnic. It is also definitely worth exploring the wooded area used for the Sunset Concerts. After this go back to the Grantez dolmen car park and, if you still have energy, avoid the first path down the valley, skirt round the field and head for the Pinnacle rock seen in the distance.

From here a path winds down to join Chemin du Moulin again. From here walk down towards the Jersey Pearl site and enjoy either a walk along the sea wall back to the beginning or a nice stroll on the beach, or head left again on this road and join other footpaths just past the Scout Centre, which can take you by an inland route back to your starting point.

This walk has fantastic scenery with a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are some of the best views in the Island, in my opinion, taking in all of St Ouen’s Bay, L’Etacq and Corbière lighthouse. When in the valleys and wooded areas all sound and sight of cars, roads and development disappear.

This route for me revitalises the spirit and gives food to the soul. For those who have not experienced this area from this perspective I highly recommend it.


Distance: Around 4.5 miles

Time: Allow a leisurely two hours

Difficulty: Easy to moderate when going up slopes

Toilets: Les Laveurs slipway

Meet your Guide - Kazz Padidar

Kazz Padidar is an outdoor adventure guide in Jersey and owns Wild Adventures. He is also a local wild-food forager providing fresh local produce to some of the Island’s top restaurants.

Kazz runs local foraging walks, both coastal and inland, which usually finish with an outdoor cook-up of whatever he finds. Activities he provides include coasteering, kayaking, paddle-boarding, bush craft, foraging, a variety of walks, rock climbing, abseiling and more.

For further information, visit the website, email or call Kazz direct on 07797 886 242.

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