All in sight of the sea – St Clement

THIS circular walk is all in sight of the sea with spectacular views over the rugged south-east coast, an area visited by Vikings whose names of rocks and heights still live on.

The walk starts at the car park at Le Hocq, next to St Clement’s Parish Hall. Immediately in front of you is Le Hocq’s picturesque Jersey Round Tower and, further out to sea, Icho Tower.

Turn left out of the car park towards Le Hocq Inn, then turn up Rue du Hocq.

Notice the marriage stones over the doorways of Belle Rive to the left and Beachsite to the right. Next we see a really impressive building in the colonial style with its white wooden balconies. Don’t miss the owl!

Behind the Rockfield Villas sign is the very recognisable Le Hocq Railway Station, though now converted to Craigie Cottage.

Turn right up Rue de la Houguette. Pass the lighthouse which must be lined up with another at Grève d’Azette for safe entry to St Helier Harbour.

With sweeping views to east and west, descend to Grande Route de St Clément. Turn right, down to St Clement’s Church. On the way, see if you can find the base of a medieval wayside cross built into the wall.

Do take time to view the magnificent medieval wall paintings in the church, which include a very elegant St Barbara.

Now ascend Rue au Seigneur. Continue up this footpath across two roads before reaching Rue au Blancq. You pass the Parish Millennium Stone on the way.

You can take the footpath leading to Rue de la Blinerie – this runs along the right-hand side of the field, or just walk down Rue au Blancq, past Belles Fleurs Nursery. Just after Les Silleries, take the footpath on the right which runs along the side of field. At the end of the field bear right towards Nicolle Tower, a folly built in 1821. Take a moment to enjoy the tremendous views of the shoreline. Turning your back on the sea, 20 yards on your left is a footpath that takes you along the right-hand side of another field to the Dolmen de Mont Ubé, which will be on your left.

Then follow the pathway into woodland, keeping left, until you reach the road. Turn left towards the main road and cross Grande Route de St Clément into Rue des Samarès.

A short distance down on your right is the converted Samarès Railway Station, still with its platform.

You may now take a short way back to the walk’s starting point, via Rue de la Croix and Rue du Pontlietaut, or continue to Green Island for welcome refreshment. From there, you can pass the infamous Witches’ Rock, before dropping down to the beach and continuing back along the sand.


Distance: 3.5 miles (approx)

Time: 3 hours (or 2.5 hours without Green Island)

Medium-grade walk, some inclines and some rough terrain

Not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies

Toilets at Le Hocq car park

Meet your Guide - Martin Walton

Tel: 853639


How long have you been a Blue Badge Guide?
15 years

What’s your speciality/area of expertise?
Occupation and coastal walks, also fortifications of all ages.

Why do you do it?
I like gaining appreciation when the walk goes well. It is a matter of passing on scenes and information.

Favourite view in Jersey?
From La Hougue des Platons, Trinity, looking out to sea, you have a panoramic view sweeping from Guernsey to Port-Bail in France.

Favourite beach?
Archirondel, which has fond memories from early childhood to the present day.

Where do you go to relax?
Walking the cliffpath at Egypt, Trinity.

Favourite fascinating fact?
At certain times, when the sea is flat calm and the weather hot, the mirage of Mont St-Michel, clear and in all detail, appears off Jersey’s south-east coast.

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